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A Sense of Self - Growing Up In Five Points.

A Sense of Self - Growing Up in Five Points

DIRECTION: Michael Bird

CLIENT: Five Points Community

Production: Birdhaus Media &

Asgard Entertainment

Five Points is the historical center of African American life in Denver, Colorado.  A Sense of Self - Growing Up in Five Points is a linear ethnography of that community.


Known for the jazz history of the community, much of the significance of the individuals of that built a thriving community is underrepresented. A linear ethnography methodology seeks to accurately portray the stories the community wished to share, not what those outside the community portray.

The stories included in this project were selected from 60 hours of interviews with individuals from the community and Professors of Sociology and History.


This project will be donated to the community and is being used to teach museum studies at MSU.


To allow the community to direct the content and stories they wished to share, and allow the viewers to be to reach their own conclusions as to the meaning of those stories.


Create a Linear Ethnography from the stories.  We chose to not include music and few photographs to allow the viewers to observe the faces of the story tellers as an integral part of the story telling process.

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