On a magical night at the famed Dazzle Jazz Club, Purnell Steen and Le Jazz Machine played the music of Five Points.

With a special performance by the legendary Charles Burrell,

With Love, Purnell Steen and Le Jazz MAchine

DIRECTION: Michael Bird

CLIENT: Purnell Steen

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Between the 1920s and 1970s, the Five Points neighborhood was the heart of the African American community. Commonly promoted as the "Harlem of the West," for the bars and clubs, and all the great musicians that passed through, Five Points had it's own greatness due the individuals that built the community.


Purnell Steen is a foundational rock in the music scene of "the Points". Along with his mentor and cousin, Charlie Burrell, there are no better representatives of the rich heritage of great jazz, Gospel, Symphonic Music, and the legacy of the community.


Featuring the musicianship of Purnell Steen, Charles Burrell, Max Wagner, Hugh Ragin, Marcus Fiorillo, Fred Fuller, Todd Reid.


This full length DVD features a special performance by Charles Burrell, and an video auto biography of Charlie's amazing story.


To add an additional dimension t the Five Points story, a live performance of the music.


Go straight to the source, Purnell Steen and Charles Burrell.  The sounds and feel of Five Points jazz clubs ring once again in Dazzle Jazz Club through the talent of two long time professional musician and residents of the community.

Charles Burrell Performance

Much has been written about "Charlie" (as her prefers to be called.)  His discipline, and dedication to his craft, led him to become a world class jazz musician as well as known as the "Jackie Robinson" of classical music by integrating the first National Symphony Orchestra, The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and the first contract player for the Denver Symphony Orchestra.


At 92, Charlie still accomplishes the amazing feat of hitting a high C on the double bass.


Check out the story of Charlie's path to greatness.

The legendary Charles Burrell

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